Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creeping like a Creepy Thing

Yes, I'm talking about "Cyrano" opening in a week. Holy crap when did that happen?! It will be nice when that gets going, and the phones will be ringing and it will be glorious. It's a little under a month of no shows, and that is plenty for me.

Did any of you guys see the HUGE PLUMES OF SMOKE coming from the San Jose Airport? Crazy times. Actually I think it was a recycling center. Anyway, fires kind of really suck, and I home no one got hurt.

Gilly is being a busy bee working on donation letters and whatnot. I wish she had a little pair of those antennae things with the bobbles on the end. Because that would be adorable.

Everyone and their mums is sick, which is pretty lame. Lisa, Kit, Anne, and me. Lani, Amanda, and Martin were, but they're not. But Lani isn't in today... hmmm... No good.

Okay, I'm going to go back to the very important busy work I was doing... because that's what I was doing. I swear, your honor.

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