Saturday, November 21, 2009

Questions and Answers

To make up for a marked absence over the last 2 (?) weeks, I have decided to answer the questions that I know you all are asking yourselves, but are too shy to ask.

Q: Gilly, why did you leave us for two weeks?
A: Because I lack the ability to multitask. And because (cliche though it may sound), I have been a busy little elf (more on that later).

Q: Busy... too busy to update with a little post? Or call? Or write?
A: Neeeeedy. No, seriously, it is all to the good. We now have two magical new people at CL, a beautiful newly decorated lobby, and a wonderful show. Not that I am responsible for any of these things, but I thought I would blind you with wonder to distract from the question.

Q: Wait... a busy little elf?
A: Indeed. Both literally and figuratively. In fact, last night (Friday) was my last appearance as an elfin crew member for ANBC. I helped out this week, but I'm watching at Gala tomorrow, and I am very excited to see everything from the house, as opposed to glimpses occasionally. It's a very pretty set. And Michael and Lisa -Marie are insanely talented (and sound great), so it shall be fun times indeed. Why aren't you going, again?

Q: .... Ummmm....
A: That's what I thought.

Q: Did you have an elf hat?
A: Yes. I miss it. It jingled.

Q: Shouldn't you be going to bed soon.
A: Undoubtedly. Goodnight!

More informative and fun posts from me in the future, I promise!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Opening Weekend!

A clear indication of how busy we have been is the fact that this is the first entry in a week. And it's me again. Hello. I've already been interrupted with pressing Gala tickets.
Disappointing turn out for the pay-what-you-can show last night. Lani suggested today that we market that night to college folks who are poor but still want to see a show. That sounds like a good idea to me.
Opening weekend for Another Night Before Christmas!! Wooo! I checked out a few of the pictures on the website, it looks pretty good. I won't be here this weekend because I'm closing a show at Foothill College (which you should see on Sunday because there's no show at City Lights that day so you have no excuse not to see it), but I will be helping out every other weekend of the run, including debuting as a house manager. All of you lovely people should come see it, and then tell all your friends to come see it. This really isn't your average holiday show.
Okie doke, almost 5'o'clock, time to get outta here! Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kinda Spooked

Right off the bat, I want to say that I am just a little envious of Martin's blogging skillz. I just read the last two he wrote, and lol'd, which means I gotta get cracking!

Faithful readers, you may be asking me as you read, "Hey, Beth, what are you doing posting a blog so early in the work day? Don't you have stuff to do?" And I have two answers for that. Firstly, yes, I do have stuff to do, but it won't take long, so get off my back already. Secondly, there's no one else here today and I fear I may have made a grave mistake coming in at all. I even remembered to bring lunch (oatmeal, cheese, and crackers are yummy)! Poop... The one explanation I have is this--okay, I have two explanations, but one of them is a little more fun. One: Anne is just late today. But she's usually here by now, being the responsible and made-of-awesome boss lady that she is, so that leads me to place more weight on Two: Since Wednesday was Veteran's Day (and let me tell you, veterans are amazing, because if they weren't doing it, I would have to, and I really don't like guns) a lot of businesses are taking today off. Perhaps I didn't get the memo. But I'm not entirely sure. I could just call Anne and ask her if I should stay or just go home. but what if the phone rings, like it JUST DID? Well, that was a telemarketer person, but still?! Telemarketers see theater too... they just see it in India...

So I'm in a little bit of a pickle. Yipes!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well... I guess everyone else is too sick to update the blog. I would say that there's not much happening since we are still between shows, but that would simply not be true!
As of this last weekend, we have completely cleaned out and repainted the lobby and bathrooms! It's looking quite spiffy. When you're here next, I assure you, you'll be LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY. LITERALLY. Wear a helmet.
Also, we have two new employees here at City Lights! Y'anad and Lani have jumped right into the fray like the bosses they are. This makes me endlessly happy because it means I won't have to deal with the demon that is Dreamweaver, although I did do one last website update before handing over the responsibilities... Bleh... But you should totally check out the new photos that got put up on the site. You'll be LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY. LITERALLY. ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Speaking of which, Vera stopped by to say hi and tell us all of her adventures in Spain! It was nice to see her again and hear what all is going on in her life, even though I got stuck answering the phones...
Oh, also, excitingness: One of the shows of ANBC is already sold out (Dec. 4th)! This is really exciting news, but also means all you crazy kids need to plan on buying tickets in advance if you're planning on seeing ANBC. Which you should. You'll be LITERALLY BLO-- Okay, not actually. It's gonna be a good show, though.

Aaaaaaand with that, I'm off. Peace.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


he's baaaaack! Although I'm still pretty sick...
So, as you've no doubt heard, there's not much new going on here at City Lights. We're still between shows, so there isn't much to do. I guess we should be getting done all the things we couldn't do while there's a show going on, but... since there isn't a show going on... it's hard to remember what needs to get done. I did finish a nice little ad for a magazine, and I do have publicity stuff that I'll need to do in the near future, but until I get the content that I need to produce, there's not much I can do.
Hey, what I can do is shamelessly self promote the christmas show I'm in! If for some reason Another Night Before Christmas here at City Lights isn't enough theatrical Christmas festivities for you, you can also see A Christmas Pudding at Bus Barn Stage Company. It's gonna be pretty cool. It runs simultaniously with ANBC (which means I can't see it. *sniff*) and you can get more deets at: Also, I play Tiny Tim. Now, if that's not worth seeing, I don't know what is.
Well, that is all for now. Farwell my faithful blog readers. May you have good cheer this holiday season. And presents. Lots of presents.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Illness Prevails

It is official. All three interns have taken ill with the recent cold-season cruddiness. Gilly normally works on Tuesdays, but she called in to say that she was not able to grace us with her diligent presense due to the face that she may cough up a lung. I'm doing conciderably better: I only have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. It was worse this morning. Marty can no longer smell things and is quite sneezy. Last week Gilly moved the hand sanitizer from the lobby to the the intern desk in the office, but it seems our efforts were too little, too late. If we had Purell I'm sure none of this would have happened, plus this other stuff just smells weird.
Doing some odd jobs here and there today. Checked out The Who's Tommy music books to make sure we have all of them before we send them back. I got stuck looking through them for pencil marks in the margins, and now have Pinball Wizard running through my head. Fantastic.
On the show front, I'm in My Sister, Eileen over at Foothill College. It's a fun show about two "plucky" sisters who move to New York City to make their way. They end up in a terrible basement apartment with some very interesting neighbors. I've enjoyed working on it quite a lot. It opens this weekend and runs until November 22, I hope y'all can come out to see it. Plus it's family friendly! Woo!

Have a good one!