Saturday, November 21, 2009

Questions and Answers

To make up for a marked absence over the last 2 (?) weeks, I have decided to answer the questions that I know you all are asking yourselves, but are too shy to ask.

Q: Gilly, why did you leave us for two weeks?
A: Because I lack the ability to multitask. And because (cliche though it may sound), I have been a busy little elf (more on that later).

Q: Busy... too busy to update with a little post? Or call? Or write?
A: Neeeeedy. No, seriously, it is all to the good. We now have two magical new people at CL, a beautiful newly decorated lobby, and a wonderful show. Not that I am responsible for any of these things, but I thought I would blind you with wonder to distract from the question.

Q: Wait... a busy little elf?
A: Indeed. Both literally and figuratively. In fact, last night (Friday) was my last appearance as an elfin crew member for ANBC. I helped out this week, but I'm watching at Gala tomorrow, and I am very excited to see everything from the house, as opposed to glimpses occasionally. It's a very pretty set. And Michael and Lisa -Marie are insanely talented (and sound great), so it shall be fun times indeed. Why aren't you going, again?

Q: .... Ummmm....
A: That's what I thought.

Q: Did you have an elf hat?
A: Yes. I miss it. It jingled.

Q: Shouldn't you be going to bed soon.
A: Undoubtedly. Goodnight!

More informative and fun posts from me in the future, I promise!

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