Friday, November 20, 2009

Opening Weekend!

A clear indication of how busy we have been is the fact that this is the first entry in a week. And it's me again. Hello. I've already been interrupted with pressing Gala tickets.
Disappointing turn out for the pay-what-you-can show last night. Lani suggested today that we market that night to college folks who are poor but still want to see a show. That sounds like a good idea to me.
Opening weekend for Another Night Before Christmas!! Wooo! I checked out a few of the pictures on the website, it looks pretty good. I won't be here this weekend because I'm closing a show at Foothill College (which you should see on Sunday because there's no show at City Lights that day so you have no excuse not to see it), but I will be helping out every other weekend of the run, including debuting as a house manager. All of you lovely people should come see it, and then tell all your friends to come see it. This really isn't your average holiday show.
Okie doke, almost 5'o'clock, time to get outta here! Have a great weekend!

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