Friday, November 13, 2009

Kinda Spooked

Right off the bat, I want to say that I am just a little envious of Martin's blogging skillz. I just read the last two he wrote, and lol'd, which means I gotta get cracking!

Faithful readers, you may be asking me as you read, "Hey, Beth, what are you doing posting a blog so early in the work day? Don't you have stuff to do?" And I have two answers for that. Firstly, yes, I do have stuff to do, but it won't take long, so get off my back already. Secondly, there's no one else here today and I fear I may have made a grave mistake coming in at all. I even remembered to bring lunch (oatmeal, cheese, and crackers are yummy)! Poop... The one explanation I have is this--okay, I have two explanations, but one of them is a little more fun. One: Anne is just late today. But she's usually here by now, being the responsible and made-of-awesome boss lady that she is, so that leads me to place more weight on Two: Since Wednesday was Veteran's Day (and let me tell you, veterans are amazing, because if they weren't doing it, I would have to, and I really don't like guns) a lot of businesses are taking today off. Perhaps I didn't get the memo. But I'm not entirely sure. I could just call Anne and ask her if I should stay or just go home. but what if the phone rings, like it JUST DID? Well, that was a telemarketer person, but still?! Telemarketers see theater too... they just see it in India...

So I'm in a little bit of a pickle. Yipes!

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