Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Illness Prevails

It is official. All three interns have taken ill with the recent cold-season cruddiness. Gilly normally works on Tuesdays, but she called in to say that she was not able to grace us with her diligent presense due to the face that she may cough up a lung. I'm doing conciderably better: I only have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. It was worse this morning. Marty can no longer smell things and is quite sneezy. Last week Gilly moved the hand sanitizer from the lobby to the the intern desk in the office, but it seems our efforts were too little, too late. If we had Purell I'm sure none of this would have happened, plus this other stuff just smells weird.
Doing some odd jobs here and there today. Checked out The Who's Tommy music books to make sure we have all of them before we send them back. I got stuck looking through them for pencil marks in the margins, and now have Pinball Wizard running through my head. Fantastic.
On the show front, I'm in My Sister, Eileen over at Foothill College. It's a fun show about two "plucky" sisters who move to New York City to make their way. They end up in a terrible basement apartment with some very interesting neighbors. I've enjoyed working on it quite a lot. It opens this weekend and runs until November 22, I hope y'all can come out to see it. Plus it's family friendly! Woo!

Have a good one!

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