Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well... I guess everyone else is too sick to update the blog. I would say that there's not much happening since we are still between shows, but that would simply not be true!
As of this last weekend, we have completely cleaned out and repainted the lobby and bathrooms! It's looking quite spiffy. When you're here next, I assure you, you'll be LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY. LITERALLY. Wear a helmet.
Also, we have two new employees here at City Lights! Y'anad and Lani have jumped right into the fray like the bosses they are. This makes me endlessly happy because it means I won't have to deal with the demon that is Dreamweaver, although I did do one last website update before handing over the responsibilities... Bleh... But you should totally check out the new photos that got put up on the site. You'll be LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY. LITERALLY. ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Speaking of which, Vera stopped by to say hi and tell us all of her adventures in Spain! It was nice to see her again and hear what all is going on in her life, even though I got stuck answering the phones...
Oh, also, excitingness: One of the shows of ANBC is already sold out (Dec. 4th)! This is really exciting news, but also means all you crazy kids need to plan on buying tickets in advance if you're planning on seeing ANBC. Which you should. You'll be LITERALLY BLO-- Okay, not actually. It's gonna be a good show, though.

Aaaaaaand with that, I'm off. Peace.

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