Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Thursday

Got in a little early today with the intent of getting some things out of the way (like lunch, and the dumpster) before anyone else shows up. I recently found the iPod speakers that someone left by the intern desk, and the remote that goes with it to control the volume, so it's nice to have that when there's no one else here. A good chuck of my music isn't really appropriate for work (Stephen Lynch, for example), so an empty office is best for partying.... Just kidding.

Oh, fun times, my mom emailed me the link to the Mercury News review of Dead Man Walking, featured here:
Not too shabby. Go Lisa! We love you!

With that said, tomorrow evening is our big benefit over at Notre Dame, tickets are still available, so get on that! =P

Another plug: my show at Bus Barn (Private Lives) opens tomorrow, but tonight is the preview, and they're having a special $12 ticket deal (which is FANTASTIC by the way). You should come see it. :) Here's a link for that.

Well I think I'm the only intern in today, and the time as come to check the messages. Woo! Let the day begin!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Naptime should be part of any regular work day. I say this coming from five hours of sleep after working on an essay for my English class all last night. The sun wasn't quite up yet when I finally went to sleep. I also believe naptime should be happening right now, instead of me having to work. Really all day today would be a nice period of time to designate for napping. Maybe we should have a national holiday, sort of an opposite of labor day, where everyone stays in bed and lazes through the day. I guess that's kind of what labor day is anyways... Regardless, that would be an awesome thing. However, I'd want it to be when I want it to be, rather than a scheduled event. But, I will take what I can get.
Wait, this blog is about City Lights you say? Balderdash! I'm not through with my sleepless ramblings!... Actually, I'm just about done with rambling for now. I mean, I could go on if you'd like. Anyone? More ramblings? No?... That's okay... I guess...
Right. City Lights. We have a show that opened last weekend. The show is awesome, and tickets are selling fast! We had a bunch of packed houses, with quite a few standing ovations as I heard. I wouldn't know, I was taking time off to sleep.... Mmmmmm.... Sleeeeeep..........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Week and Counting...

This weekend we had our fantasmical massive theater-wide two-day clean up, and I must say, the prop loft is nigh unrecognizable! Makes me wish I wasn't out of town so I could help out... oh well.

Well, just one week left until Dead Man Walking opens. Grab your tickets folks! The Saturday of closing weekend is already sold out, so don't ask for that one.
Also, the benefit dinner is on January 29th, and Sister Helen Prejean will be there as a speaker. Let me remind you that she is the lady who wrote the book, was portrayed by Susan Surandon in the movie, and will be portrayed by our very own Lisa Mallette at City Lights. She's awesome, go see it. Anyway, tickets for just the dinner are $175, the show is $100, and both together is $300. If any of you are thinking it sounds a bit rich, that's because this is a *benefit*, meaning the money goes to 3 non-profit organizations (Dead Man Walking: School Theatre Project, Notre Dame San Jose, and City Lights Theater Company). Plus it's a tax write-off, so that's nice. Here's the link: , and I hope all y'all tell your friends and parents and neighbors and pet dogs about it because it's for a good cause and it's a good show. Woo!

Yesterday I was in the office for not very long, since Lani and I went around Downtown San Jose dropping off postcards and taping up posters in windows to help get the word out. Let's hope that works. Everyone and their mums have posters around, but ours is prettier. =P

Okie doke, that's all I have to say for the moment, except to say I hope everyone had a lovely and safe holiday season (can't be said for at least one of my friends, who broke his clavicle in a snowboarding accident) and that you haven't given up on your New Year's resolutions yet. Mine is to eat breakfast every day. This morning it was toast with peanut butter. Mmmmm.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Blog

I am going to give you a long post on Friday night. It will have pictures. (OOOh... AAAAh).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in Business.

Hey kids! Hope you all had wonderful Christmas (aka. Kids get presents! And there was something about some savior being born or something)/Hanukkah (aka. Jews get presents too! And also there was a siege at some point somewhere or something) /Kwanzaa (aka. African Americans get presents too? Does anyone actually celebrate this holiday? no? I thought so. You still get presents though!)/Solstice (aka. Hahaha, hippies.)/Boxing day (aka. Hahahaha, Canadians.)/New Years (aka. Lets pick an arbitrary date and all get wasted once a year. Kay? Kay.)/Whatever you may celebrate (aka. Really? Not even Christmas? You realize it's basically lost all religious intent. You're mostly just a big jerk for not getting people presents. Lighten up a bit. Seriously.)!
But now, it's time to get back to business, cause here at City Lights we have an awesome new show coming up! Dead Man Walking is opening in just a couple short weeks, and it's going to be something else. We are working with the awesome kids over at Notre Dame in what is the very first production of this show as a collaborative effort between a professional theater company and a high scool. Also, Sister Helen Prejean (who wrote the book) is coming and speaking at a special charity event that we are putting on. Basically, kind of a really big deal. Best get your tickets soon.
Also, Beth was going to write a bit of this talking about her crazy paper shredding ordeals, (she had to shred them by hand. Crazy.) but she's already off to the next great thing. Mainly a photo call for Private Lives, the upcoming show a Bus Barn that she's in. Also worth seeing!
Well, that's about it from me. Here's to 2010. May it be filled with awesome theatre. And pie. Pie is awesome.


P.S. Completely unrelated: my kitty messed up my face. It looks pretty badass.