Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Thursday

Got in a little early today with the intent of getting some things out of the way (like lunch, and the dumpster) before anyone else shows up. I recently found the iPod speakers that someone left by the intern desk, and the remote that goes with it to control the volume, so it's nice to have that when there's no one else here. A good chuck of my music isn't really appropriate for work (Stephen Lynch, for example), so an empty office is best for partying.... Just kidding.

Oh, fun times, my mom emailed me the link to the Mercury News review of Dead Man Walking, featured here:
Not too shabby. Go Lisa! We love you!

With that said, tomorrow evening is our big benefit over at Notre Dame, tickets are still available, so get on that! =P

Another plug: my show at Bus Barn (Private Lives) opens tomorrow, but tonight is the preview, and they're having a special $12 ticket deal (which is FANTASTIC by the way). You should come see it. :) Here's a link for that.

Well I think I'm the only intern in today, and the time as come to check the messages. Woo! Let the day begin!

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