Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Naptime should be part of any regular work day. I say this coming from five hours of sleep after working on an essay for my English class all last night. The sun wasn't quite up yet when I finally went to sleep. I also believe naptime should be happening right now, instead of me having to work. Really all day today would be a nice period of time to designate for napping. Maybe we should have a national holiday, sort of an opposite of labor day, where everyone stays in bed and lazes through the day. I guess that's kind of what labor day is anyways... Regardless, that would be an awesome thing. However, I'd want it to be when I want it to be, rather than a scheduled event. But, I will take what I can get.
Wait, this blog is about City Lights you say? Balderdash! I'm not through with my sleepless ramblings!... Actually, I'm just about done with rambling for now. I mean, I could go on if you'd like. Anyone? More ramblings? No?... That's okay... I guess...
Right. City Lights. We have a show that opened last weekend. The show is awesome, and tickets are selling fast! We had a bunch of packed houses, with quite a few standing ovations as I heard. I wouldn't know, I was taking time off to sleep.... Mmmmmm.... Sleeeeeep..........

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