Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in Business.

Hey kids! Hope you all had wonderful Christmas (aka. Kids get presents! And there was something about some savior being born or something)/Hanukkah (aka. Jews get presents too! And also there was a siege at some point somewhere or something) /Kwanzaa (aka. African Americans get presents too? Does anyone actually celebrate this holiday? no? I thought so. You still get presents though!)/Solstice (aka. Hahaha, hippies.)/Boxing day (aka. Hahahaha, Canadians.)/New Years (aka. Lets pick an arbitrary date and all get wasted once a year. Kay? Kay.)/Whatever you may celebrate (aka. Really? Not even Christmas? You realize it's basically lost all religious intent. You're mostly just a big jerk for not getting people presents. Lighten up a bit. Seriously.)!
But now, it's time to get back to business, cause here at City Lights we have an awesome new show coming up! Dead Man Walking is opening in just a couple short weeks, and it's going to be something else. We are working with the awesome kids over at Notre Dame in what is the very first production of this show as a collaborative effort between a professional theater company and a high scool. Also, Sister Helen Prejean (who wrote the book) is coming and speaking at a special charity event that we are putting on. Basically, kind of a really big deal. Best get your tickets soon.
Also, Beth was going to write a bit of this talking about her crazy paper shredding ordeals, (she had to shred them by hand. Crazy.) but she's already off to the next great thing. Mainly a photo call for Private Lives, the upcoming show a Bus Barn that she's in. Also worth seeing!
Well, that's about it from me. Here's to 2010. May it be filled with awesome theatre. And pie. Pie is awesome.


P.S. Completely unrelated: my kitty messed up my face. It looks pretty badass.

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