Friday, December 18, 2009

A Strange Work Week

The weird thing about working in theatre is that your work week starts when most other people are thinking about the weekend. That is because we *are* the entertainment of the masses. You're welcome. My schedule in particular is weird: work Friday afternoon, house managing Saturday night, crewing and strike on Sunday, Monday off (another weird coincidence) and then Tuesday work. Well, anyway, I think it's weird.

Now that we have a lovely newly painted floor in the lobby and bathrooms, we've got to keep it looking spiffy. To contribute to that, I mopped them today, singing show tunes and Disney songs to not get bored. And, I'm not kidding, the water which used to be clear when I started was nearly black when I finished. Then again, we hadn't actually gotten around to doing it for three weeks, so if we do it at least once a week, we should be fine. And we do it for you!

Closing weekend! Wow that's really exciting. It looks like we might sell out, at least for our closing matinee, which is also exciting. So come on down and don't make a liar out of me!

Lastly, I think I speak for all the interns (and the rest of the staff) when I say have a wonderful and safe holiday and a lovely new year!

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