Friday, October 30, 2009

Necces - Nessa - oh, that one show.

Alright. I fail. But in my defense, I was sick. And this sickness...prohibited me from typing. Yes. It's a rare condition. Very rare. I'm the first recorded case, actually.
Well, it is 11:48 at night, and I just got back from City Lights. Now, I know what you are saying "why, Gilly dearest, were you at work on a Friday night when I know (as I know your schedule intimately) that you don't work on Fridays normally?"
Well, dear readers, that is an excellent question. And it is creepy that you know my schedule. But anyway, I was the "supervisor" for the closing of Notre Dame's show tonight. I was actually supposed to work Thursday night too, but Martin (who I think may have died... he was very sick last time I talked to him) kindly covered for me. And I went to see Joshua Radin in concert. And it. Was. Amazing. I am in love. But that is not the point.
The point is, I saw things this week. On Wednesday I saw Spring Awakening in SF (MUST... DO... SHOW... MUST... STALK... CAST...), yesterday Josh Radin (lessthanthree), and today necessary targets. They oversold tonight (and apparently last night too) so that was good, and it's a powerful piece, with some very talented people in it. I kinda want to direct it. Maybe. Perhaps. *pretentious moment* I HAVE A VISION! *end pretentious moment*
Anyways. So ANBC is coming up in just a few weeks! Mostly the office is quiet, so I've been dealing with donation requests and various formerVera (one word) things. Some nice people from Intel have offered to come organize our props in December. Isn't that nice of them? I think we already threw out stripper Barbie, but I'm sure there's much more frightening and entertaining things yet to be discovered.
Hmm. I think that is all. Then again, I'm quite tired, so I will probably think of more later. Ciao for now, bella (not the vampire-book-character... the Italian term of affection. Just to clear that up.)
- Me.

P.S. Oh, also, I got cake tonight at work. It was yummy. There is still some in the fridge, I think, if anyone would like some. So there.


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