Sunday, October 25, 2009

Necessary Targets

You might ask why I'm at City Lights at 12:30pm on a Sunday--and a lovely Sunday at that. Well, today is my last day to supervise Notre Dame High School's "Necessary Targets". Okay, it's less supervising than just being here in case something goes horribly wrong, which shouldn't happen, but it might. But probably not.

But the show. I saw it in its entirety last night, and wow, forget high school, this is a quality show for anyone. All the girls are very dedicated to their characters and the story they are relating, and what a story. Set in 1997, two American women, a psychiatrist and a war trauma expert, embark on a mission to understand and relieve a small group of Bosnian refugees, five women who's lives have been turned completely around in a war-torn country. As the stories of these survivors unravel, we see that the simple pleasures of their lives, from a teenager's telephone to an old woman's precious cow, represent their freedom and dignity as Bosnians and as women.

Three more performances: today at 2pm, and this coming Thursday and Friday at 7:30om. Tickets are only $10, so it's ridiculously cheap. Bring everyone, and I mean everyone, you can muster. You will not regret it!

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