Saturday, October 10, 2009


See, this is why I work in theater. Because it is amazing.

1) The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, an awesome funny show currently playing (which I am finally seeing tonight!) that has been getting great reviews. Yay for South Bay premieres!
2) The Laramie Project, the 8pm show oversold by a few seats, so that will be fun and exciting getting everyone in, and I have no doubt the 5pm showing willing also sell out (I made sure to get my ticket while I was in yesterday). Huzzah for worldwide commemorative efforts! (For more info check out Gilly's post on Tuesday.)

As you may noticed, I am posting on Saturday, even though I work on Fridays, because I literally had NO TIME to post a blog yesterday. The phone was ringing almost off the hook (which was cool, but for the first 20 minutes it was only me and we have two lines and I can only do so much at once, sorry!). Anne had to tell me to stop selling 8pm tickets for Laramie because there were more on the online orders she had just closed. We're a smidge oversold, so if you have tickets for that showing, ARRIVE EARLY!!!

Fun times: on Thursday I stopped by City Lights for a little less than an hour and the 3 of us interns plus 2 Notre Dame students got the tour from the lovely Kit Wilder from the point of view of a stage manager opening up the theater for a show. I had only been in the booth once before, and I've never needed to be for a show. Needless to say I took notes, because I am bound to forget something. He gave us his cell number in case we screw up, but hopefully I'll never have to use it.

Okie doke, I have to get ready for rehearsal, but I'll be at Judas tonight! Have a good one!

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