Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey! Guys! A show is open!

People of the internet!
As Beth mentioned, this has been quite a week at City Light - Second Weekend in September had its first preview last night, the second preview is tonight, and the BIG FANCY GALA OPENING is tomorrow. As the stage manager, this week has been a tad hectic for me, but I think I've finally got the hang of multitasking (running lights and sound - it isn't really that complicated... but if you know me you know I tend to over think things.), so it's all good. We had a small but dedicated crowd last night -- it is nice to be reminded how funny shows are (I mean, obviously I know it is funny, but once you've heard it every day for a month you tend to forget how lovely and fresh the humor is)... so. I actually have to go run a sound and light check now, but it is my hope that you will come check out SWS (or, as it is sometime abbreviated - to my confusion initially, SWIS) as soon as possible. It's important for theaters to support new artists, and in order to do that we need people to SEE the new work. Come check us out.
Okay. I really have to go now.
For serious.
No really.

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