Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Intern! New Adventures!

It's Wednesday, June 23rd, while being deep in finals week at Foothill College I am also thus beginning a new adventure here at City Lights Theater Company. To introduce myself more formerly then probably needed, my named is Celestial Tranquility (seriously) and less then a year ago I moved back to the Bay Area from the island of Oahu, Hawaii..funny thing is tho I am originally from England O.o awkward. deciding to be done with my dabbling in this dress rehearsal that I had so safely created for myself and actually begin the show of my life (terrible metaphors ...I know) which has brought me here and now after loading myself with General Education requirements at Foothill College I managed a 2 year school schedule in 3 quarters and am happily moving in the right direction. From now on it is Theater Haven for me, as in there is nothing other then to live the life I have always dreamed of living.

I am finishing up my 2nd year of school at Foothill College majoring in Music and will be starting this fall 2010 at San Francisco State University majoring in Drama Performance!

City Lights is awesome
...of course... and I am thrilled to be learning some in depth behind the scenes business ...stuff...Also, I am honoured to be working on the Crew of RENT this summer (at CLTC) which will be opening the end of JULY! Check it OUT because it will be AH-mazing. Also, we just finished the run of Second Weekend in September which was beyond awesome and those who came and saw, THANK YOU! and those who didn't, THANK YOU still! and you should all come out and support us with RENT not to mention it is going to be a HOOT!!

Office Stats: FULL office today, spring...summer cleaning is in process with a few of us and the other half are still keeping our hands busy with what needs to be done. Which means I should probably get back to doing something a little more useful.

Peace OUT!

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