Friday, April 16, 2010

1..2...3...will you stop it, Britney?

Hello, hello *waves hands to quiet the throngs of adoring fans cheering her return*
That's right. It really is me. I'm back.
I say back, but technically I was never really gone - I just haven't posted here in 3 months. And for that I am deeply sorry.
Now, to catch up. The 2010-2011 (which seems to take longer to type than 2009-2010 for some reason) season has been announced, and it is looking really good! For those actors out there, you can also now get an audition slot for the generals for next season ( I know I've got mine!), or if you prefer to enjoy the shows from the audience, can buy a subscription. I, for one, am VERY excited.
In other news, all of our senior staff members are off in meetings for the day, so Beth and I are alone in the office, and we have been listening to music and comedy (hence the Britney reference in the title. I remember the good old days, when her songs were about rainbows and unicorns).
Poor Martin was here by himself yesterday, and Thursday is a busy day. I came in to HM the show last night (at which there was a 91 strong group of Notre Dame freshman), and he had been absolutely fabulous. Yay, Martin.
There's only three Cyrano performances left, and I will be House Managing the closing performance on Sunday. This show has been GREAT ( I confess to sneaking in to watch a few scenes last night), and I'll be sad to see it go! Make sure not to miss it, if you haven't seen it yet!
In even more other news, I am Stage Managing Second Weekend in September, which opens May 20th. We've just started rehearsals, and it's already looking fabulous. I LOVE the script, and (although I'm biased) I think it's going to be a great show. I'll keep you updated with rehearsal tidbits, if you're very good. *pats head*
I should probably go make sure the lobby is extra pretty for tonight. Until then, parting is such sweet sorrow.
- G

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