Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Actually, I don't have anything funny or clever planned for April 1st. Personally, I think the holiday is overrated. I could plan out something funny and all, but everyone and their sister is doing something crazy. It's hardly worth the effort. I mean, people will be expecting to be tricked. What's the point? It's like Valentines day, except with comedy instead of love.

Aaaaaaaanyhoo, you know what's not a joke? Cyrano. It is really good. This is definitely the best show I've seen this year, and I've seen some pretty great stuff so far. If you haven't seen this play before, I implore you to go out and see it. It might just change your life. Even if you have seen it before, go see it again. It's that good. Also, if you get tickets for this weekend and mention Facebook, you'll get $10 tickets. That's more than half-off. For a ticket to a theatrical performance that could potentially change your life, I'd say it's worth it. Seriously. Get out and see this show

In other news, though, it's a pretty tame day in the office. I mean, you'd think it'd be full of wacky hijinks, what with it being April Fools day and all. Not true. The only thing that appears to be in the holiday spirit is the ticket printer. Every few tickets it just decides to just put the name on. Nothing else. So either it is pulling some elaborate hoax on all of us, or the demonic possession is catching...

So, other than that, don't really got much to do. There is a bit more work to do, since Beth is out of town and all. Gotta mop the lobby. Speaking of which, office = way less fun sans Beth. Not that my other co-workers aren't fun. But still.

Hmm... Maybe I should stage a big fire or something. That aught to liven things up here...

Well, that's all from me! Just be sure to go see Cyrano. Consider it a dying wish of mine. Wait, you didn't know? Yeah, I totally have dysentery. I've only got a month to live, tops. So, would you please go see this show? If nothing else, do it for me?

Thank you all for this wonderful life. God bless. May the force be with you.

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  1. Awww thanks for the shout-out, Marty! I miss everyone!!! But I don't miss mopping. But don't tell Lisa. ;P