Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprise Show

Until last week I didn't even know the line-up for this weekend, only that it was something called Smoke. Us interns are rotating the stage manager duties, so I've seen it once, and will be there again tonight. It's a fun little night of jazzy cabaret music, oh and did I mention it's a one-woman show? Because it is. Tickets are $20, students are $10, plus there's a promotion "Smokin'" that lowers the price to eight bucks. Cheaper than a movie! Come on down! :)

In other news, another pretty chill day. Closing of Dead Man Walking was lovely, I think I mentioned before. Wait, I couldn't have, as it was only this weekend. Crazy! It feels like quite a bit longer ago. If you missed it, shame on you. The last weekend was Almost entirely oversold, but I think we managed it somehow. I wouldn't actually know, as I was closing my own show.

Anyway, now we're about to switch gears to Frank Langella's Cyrano, directed by our own Kit Wilder. Don't expect your average Cyrano--from what Kit told me the other day, it's a little different. So, it should be fun! That opens on March 20th and closes April 18 (omygod that's the weekend before my 21st birthday :D), so keep that one on the back burner for now until we turn up the heat! Ugh, terrible pun, sorry about that.

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