Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Air Conditioning is Wonderful

Here is something new and exciting (because that's what City Lights is all about). Currently in the house is a bevy of teenagers in skirts led by the loquacious and impressive Derek McCaw, director of the Notre Dame High School production of... well, I don't actually know what it's called, and he only told me 3 days ago! And I really don't want to interrupt a rehearsal, because that is ruder than rude. I remember directing last year and it sucked getting interrupted. And the website is no help. It just says "Fall Play." I know it's a drama, though! And the dates and times are thus:
Thursday 10/22 7:30:00 PM
Friday 10/23 7:30:00 PM
Saturday 10/24 7:30:00 PM
Sunday10/25 (no time posted)
Thursday 10/29 7:30:00 PM
Friday 10/30 7:30:00 PM
If my memory serves, ND has never had performances that spanned more than one weekend. So this is kind of a big deal. I talked to Derek on Saturday, and said that he would have liked to do this play when I was going there, but the school wouldn't let him. He also said that most of the actresses are very talented sophmores, which is weird because usually seniors (with more experience) are better. Not so this year.
Well, poop. I shall have to leave you in suspense for now.

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