Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hello, city lights fans! I'm Marty, more formally known as Martin, more familiarly known as Mar Mar, and also referred to as Marcus on occasion. However, I will respond to any name beginning with "Mar" regardless of whether or not I'm actually the one being referred to. I play Saxophone, sing, dance, act, write, climb, bounce, wander, sprint, fly, sleep, eat, ponder, procrastinate, muse, amuse, bemuse, and such. So... that's me.
So, I don't actually have too much to talk about today (hence the elaborate introduction). I've basically been hanging around, doing odds and ends, and learning how to do things on the fly. That's about all for now. I mostly just wanted to do a more... uh... "Formal" introduction. So, I'll talking to all y'all later! Until then, keep it awesome.


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