Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm baaaack.

Greetings, peeps.
I am back, tires and all. Well, technically I was here Saturday and Sunday (house managing for Judas), but I am in the office today. My chief projects today were a) getting rid of some of the older saved phone messages (which drive me insane) and b) finding volunteers to run concessions for the next three weekend of Judas' run.
This second topic is particularly close to my heart as a (now fully trained!) house manager -- there were no volunteers on Sunday (and only our stage manager Shannon as crew), so I conscripted Michael West, who was our lovely videographer for the evening. And now the facebook campaign has started.
I will find volunteers to help.
I will.
I mean, you get to see the show for free! How awesome is that?
So I have spent my day repeatedly updating the City Lights fan page to entice people to a) buy tickets and b) failing that, at least volunteer for one night (or even five!).
On an entirely unrelated note, I am going to link you to the yelp reviews, which are fantastic (the only one star one didn't see the show, and instead chose to rate downtown San Jose...). You can find them here:
Our artsopolis reviews are even better:

Now, dear audience, I know what you are wondering. How, dear, sweet, and beautiful Gilly, did your first solo experience house managing go?
Well, dear, sweet readers, it went just fine. I was very nervous, to be sure, but everything went beautifully, Michael came to help me out with concessions, and the cast and Shannon (I can't just say crew - she deserves to be recognized by name) are lovely. Although I was still too shy to tell them how great they are. Because apparently I am eight years old.
Alright. Hopefully I will have more substance for you soon. Later this week i plan to conquor the prop loft, which shall give me many wonders to tell of.
- Me

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