Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tragic news! Gilly's tires got slashed, so it's just me and Vera in the office today. Since Gilly is basically the queen of Theater Manager (the ticket ordering/printing/whatevering system), it's been a rough and wild ride for me to learn how to take down ticket orders, answer phone calls, and return messages. All that while taking down ticket orders, answering phone calls, and, you guessed it, returning messages. This is not a fun thing. It also doesn't help that I have a gnarly head cold. At least it isn't that hot... And I guess it's better than taking out the trash, sweeping the lobby, and cleaning the bathrooms... Actually, it's a whole lot better than dealing with all that. Especially the bathrooms... In fact, as I'm learning how to do this, it's turning out to be not so bad after all...... Hmmm......... You know what this calls for? REVOLUTION! LET ANARCHY REIGN! HAHAHAHAHAAA!

Yeah, I'll be back to cleaning bathrooms next week.

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