Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumpin' on the Band Wagon

Okay, okay I'll do an introduction! Jeez, ya don't have to be so pushy about it.
But seriously, hello, all. Beth here, and it's about time our dear readers know a little more about me, since you already know the life stories of both Marty and Gilly. I feel a little left out, I must admit, at not having a convenient nickname ending in -y. Anywho, here is my life story. I went to Notre Dame High School (and now it's funny that I'm working right across the street) and then straight into the Theatre Conservatory at Foothill College. Aside from theater, I enjoy writing (having filled to date 17.5 composition books), doodling (as the margins in my high school notebooks will attest to), singing, walking, artsy-crafty things, drinking tea and coffee, and meeting new people. That's all I can think of at the moment.
Pretty chill work day. Messages to answer, you get the drill. Not much going on, hence the blog update. On Friday I get to go into the ticketing system and check out our sales statistics for data to be put to use sometime in the future. This is how I make a difference. Thrilling.
Interviews are being conducted in the lobby for a new publicist since the lovely Vera Sloan is leaving us at the end of the month (insert Gilly sadface), and so far I've only seen men in suits. Well, it's nice to be taken seriously. It's her birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERA!!!) so perhaps it's good that she took the day off so she doesn't have to see her potential replacements. But well all know that Vera can never be replaced in our hearts.
And now back to putting addresses on envelopes, et cetera. Woo!
Bye, guys!

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