Thursday, September 10, 2009

The soothing sound of the photocopier...AND GHOSTS!

Guess what, guys? It's board meeting day! And do you, dear readers, know what that means? That means flurries of activity and focus (they would seem to be mutually exclusive, but are not) and, above all lots of photocopies. Amanda Folena (the lovely Executive Artistic Assistant) is, as I type, collating the large pile of packets for the board members who get to learn this afternoon about all of the new exciting ideas that City Lights has to bring yet more high quality theatre to San Jose, and the Bay area in general. I'll keep you posted as new things are announced.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: there are no scissors to be found in the entire city lights office or theatre. Anywhere. I speak with authority.

As Martin did a proper introduction, I kind of feel like I should too. So there you go: My name is Gilly (it's short for Gillian), but, like Martin, I will probably also respond to variations thereof. I grew up in England (having moved there when I was 10 months old from Slidell, Louisiana),a nd moved to California when I was 12. I still go back to England a lot (I have family there. Also, it's England). I trained as a ballet dance before I started acting so my current state is that of an actor/dancer/choreographer/stage manager/costumer. I've done a bit of everything, as it were. I work in several theatre's education programs ( I love teaching), and just graduated from the Foothill Theatre Conservatory (like Beth and Martin). I have a youtube channel, where I am generally rambly and ridiculous for your amusement, and a livejournal, as well as a blogspot (I don't use as often as lj). I have a list of things I want to accomplish in the next year, which includes things like reading 100 books, paintballing, and spending a day at the beach (I just never seem to get around to it).

Alright. enough innanity for now.

UPDATE: There is a ghost that calls City Lights! I just answered the phone to a dial tone and Amanda informed me that a ghost sometimes calls line 2! (I'm not sure she was taking the threat as seriously as it should be taken). I will attempt to make contact with the ghost next time he or she calls. I will, of course, keep you updated.
Oh, also, I went to Ashland last weekend. Awesome shows. More on that next time.

Stay cool, blogland!
- G

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  1. There were scissors on my desk in my little brown thing! They're the second pair I've had to personally purchase, though. There's some kind of scissor-klepto around here.